What are the safe treatment methods of fly ash curing?

Now, the MSW incineration fly ash brick making Machine ash has been required to collect, after incineration fly ash must be a certain curing, after the safe treatment can be carried away and landfill.

So, what are the methods to cure the fly ash of waste? Lontto Machine Machinery Co., Ltd. in charge of talking to you about this topic.

At present, there are three kinds of stable treatment methods for MSW fly ash curing:Fly ash brick making machine

First, cement curing technology.

Cement curing is mainly to fly ash, cement in accordance with a certain proportion of mixing, add a proper amount of water to make the method of curing.

Its working principle is not complicated, is in the cement solidification process, with the aid of chemical absorption, adsorption, sedimentation and other means, the heavy metal in the form of hydroxide to stay in the curing of the alternate surface, at the same time, if the cement can also provide alkaline environment for heavy metals, effectively inhibit the fly ash in the infiltration of heavy metals.

At present, cement solidification is a relatively mature method of hazardous waste fly ash curing, both operational and economic advantages.

However, over time, some of the toxic substances in the solidified body may dissolve, and there is a certain threat to the environment.

Second, melting solidification technology.

Using this method to solidify, the main is to let fine glass and fly ash mixed, and then granulation molding, at 1000 degrees Celsius at high temperature melting, after half an hour, with fly ash chemical, physical state have changed, can finish curing work, to ensure the stability of heavy metals.

To know, the melting solidification technology on the residue of the high reduction rate, the effect is also better.

However, there is an obvious drawback is that when the toxic substances evaporate, the need for tail gas treatment, and the process of operating costs higher.

Third, the combination of chemical and cement stable technology.

The use of chemical reagents and cement stabilized technology, but also can better the waste to curing.

This added chemical is mainly inorganic and organic matter, the former is mainly Na2, s and phosphoric acid, the latter is mainly chelate polymer substances, fly ash and with the complex base of insoluble chemicals mixed, plus cement solidification.

Using this method to cure fly ash, it can achieve good effect, and the operation mode is simpler and the investment cost is low.

It is not difficult to see that the use of cement solidification + chemical stability combination to deal with waste fly ash curing, is a more feasible and effective method, Lontto machine Machinery has many years of practical experience, developed a garbage disposal scheme, the products produced by leaching liquid testing are in line with national emission standards, Have the intention to cooperate with friends can call consultation!


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